Here's What To Expect, Step By Step...

Step One
This survey is designed to be administered by the team leader. So the first thing to do is to verify that you are the Team Leader. This is done by filling out a form that takes only seconds to complete. You can start by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Step Two
Once you submit the Team Leader form. Allow up to 24-48 hours for your custom survey to be created and sent to you via email.

The email you receive will include the following:

    A. Clear instructions on how to proceed.

    B. The Leaders Link. The leader is the only person on the team who has the ability to monitor the         number of people who have taken the survey as well as view the results.

    C. The Team Link. This is the link to be sent to your team members so they can take the survey.
        This prepares you for Step 3.

Step Three
Once you receive the second email, you will use "The Team Link" to invite them to participate. To do this you create an email addressed to each survey participant, copy and paste "The Team Link" into the email and send them an invitation to take the survey. Your team will have 30 days to complete the survey.

A short sample invitation note will be provided in the email mentioned above. Feel free to use it or to create your own.

Step Four
Once the invitations are sent, you will use "The Leaders Link" to begin monitoring the survey input and results. Although the survey submission are anonymous, you will be able to review the number of participants. This will allow you to know how many people have not taken the survey so that you can ask them to complete it. You can send an email to everybody on the team to make sure they complete it in the time given.

Once your team has completed the survey you will be able use the score displayed at the Leaders Link to grade your team in seven distinct areas.

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